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Uepaa is a Swiss Startup with the aim to turn your smartphones into a life saving device. Uepaa’s core technology will turn your phone in an alpine tracking, alert and rescue device, which connects  to other phones directly (w/o the need for an infrastructure) using a disruptive wireless peer-to-peer technology. Uepaa tracks and finds alpinists even in areas without network coverage or switches phones into avalanche rescue beacons. Our vision is to create THE NEXT ALPINE SAFETY STANDARD - UEPAA!!

> our vision: „the safety angel in your pocket“

„...and the first hours count“

  Swiss Made
  Swiss Made

Uepaa combines the capabilities of modern smart-phones (sensors, communication) with p2p mobile cloud computing to determine the exact position and condition of persons in difficult terrain and areas with potentially no network coverage. With Uepaa, the physical boundaries will be redefined and known products such as avalanche rescue beacons, aerial trackers and off net alerting will be an integral part of any smartphone.

> our approach: „we connect phones directly“

> our journey: „follow us in the social media“

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The localization and rescue of injured victims in alpine terrain is a challenging problem. According to statistics, hiking is the most dangerous sport in Switzerland. Other trendy sports such as freeriding and snowshoe hiking come on top. BfU’s records indicate that the number of accidents has increased from 5'500 in year 2000 to 9'000 in 2009. Modern cable cars are carrying over 25 million alpinists and skiers per year to high altitudes of which many are poorly equipped or unaware of alpine dangers.

> the situation: „the first 20 minutes count“

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After an avalanche, every second counts. According to statistics, after 20 minutes the survival rate drops below 50% and on average the official rescue teams do not arrive on site before 35 minutes. It is hence a matter of life and death to have the right equipment to be able to rescue your friends. The recent improvement of powder skis makes it very easy and fun to enjoy the backcountry but the risks are still there!. More and more non-equipped skiers of all experience levels follow others into the fresh powder...

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[uepaa] is an expression of excitement. For example, doing a great cliff jump in freeride skiing > and it is also the name of our company. Uepaa means making our customers excited with our vision. Regardless of what sport you do, our technology will enable it to reach a new level of safety.

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